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Green centres

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Sustainable rice production within the framework of the program "green centres for innovation in agriculture”



A dam and numerous wells help relieve the shortage of sufficient and clean water.



Farm cooperatives are supported in many ways on their path to economic independence.



Building of schools, free school meals and assistance to gifted pupils are an investment in young people's development.



All projects are accompanied by research, the results of which are incorporated in practical work in the field.

Renewable Energies

Erneuerbare Energien

This new economic sector will create new sources of income, permit electrification and support environmental protection.


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Opportunity of a self determined life

The Dreyer Foundation supports people in Burkina Faso on their path out of poverty.

The Foundation’s work concentrates and focuses on the Dano region in south-western Burkina Faso. Informed by the notion of holism, it introduces broad-based projects on several levels to ensure the interaction of each project’s results. Continuous economic development, which is the precondition for the consistent improvement of the people's living situation, can thus be designed effectively and sustainably.

The central objective is to enable the Burkinabé to improve their situation based on their own efforts and to provide them with the opportunity to lead a self-determined life. That is why the Foundation invests not only in water projects but also in schools and training facilities, health care programmes, research projects and, not least, in supporting farm cooperatives. In order to plan the future, all of these activities place a strong focus on the advancement of children and young people.